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Recession 2015?

Recession 2015? After blaiming China for the Wests stock market tumble, is there a recession coming, created by the criminal central bankers who are all doing financial terrorist crimes such as Quantitative Easing (printing fake money and laundering it), Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP), and other financial crimes.  The West blames China, while the West has been doing these financial terrorist activities since the engineered collapse and heist since 2008.

Discussion with author of "Planet Ponzi" and a fund manager Mitch Feirestein, Professor at Kingston University Steve Keen and economist, and Mark Weisbrot from the Center For Economic And Policy Research.

Recorded from: RT HD, CrossTalk.
Recorded date: 28 August 2015.
Upload date  : 29 August 2015.
Format: Full HD.
Length: 25 min 36 sec.
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