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Theresa May on Andrew Marr Show, 28 June 2015.

Conservative freedom hating terrorist Theresa "Jackboot" May talks about the terrorist attack in Tunisia etc. earlier in the week, and tries to con UK people into giving up their freedom, so they can be terrorised by agents of the state such as GCHQ "for your protection" - when it is well known the spies KNOW who the terrorists are.  This is nothing to do with anti-terrorism, it is to do about installing the UK as a police state - all part of the Bilderberg plan, many Conservatives and spies are part of this Bilderberg New World Order network of shysters.

Recorded from: BBC1 HD, The Andrew Marr Show.
Recorded date: 28 June 2015.
Upload date  : 29 June 2015.
Format: Full HD.
Notes  : Sorry, the embedded video won't play on any iPad / iPhone web browsers, blame Apple.


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